『Les Miserables』のオリジナルヴァージョンを残そう!
2019-01-13 Sun 18:25

The original production of Les Miserable that is only shown in London is to be retired this year and replaced with the 'reimagined' 25th anniversary version.
I loved the old version of Les Mis since they used the revolving stage so effectively! And the idea of building a barricade with two separated sets which show downtown Paris was marvelous. Personally I loved the old look of Javert who has ponytail because in Javert's suicide scene the long stray hair depicts his losing his confidence in agony. It is a pity that all these great direction will be lost forever.
If you are a fan of original Les Mis, please sign this petition and try to save it!

change.org Save the original London Les Miserables!

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